Learn how to build an iOS and macOS app with SwiftUI

SwiftUI 2.0 Course

The complete iOS 14 and SwiftUI Masterclass course from total beginner to advanced iOS and macOS app developer

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This SwiftUI course is unlike any other outdated video tutorials.
Let's build outstanding iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and even macOS apps with SwiftUI!

SwiftUI Course with iOS and macOS Development

The complete iOS 14 SwiftUI Masterclass course from total beginner to advanced iOS app developer (2020 Edition). This SwiftUI course is unlike any other outdated video tutorials. Let's build outstanding iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and even macOS apps with SwiftUI. Let's face the truth that most SwiftUI and even iOS development courses teach you how to build ugly and hideous applications but not this one.

Do you want to create eye-catchy apps with SwiftUI?

Then this course is for you!

Would you like to show your apps to your friends, co-workers, even family members and make them look up to you?

If yes, then enroll in the best SwiftUI course and create 1st class apps!

Moreover, are you eager to build up your professional portfolio and show up in your next job interview with confidence?

By the way, your new employee will be impressed by your work so much for sure. You know, you should definitely take this SwiftUI and iOS  Masterclass course! What are you waiting for? Let’s have a look at the apps we're going to build in this SwiftUI Masterclass.

SwiftUI Tutorials

How to create an Onboarding app with SwiftUI

SwiftUI 2 App

In this tutorial, you will get familiar with the latest SwiftUI 2 features. Using these improvements we're going to develop an outstanding iOS 14 Onboarding app in Xcode.

SwiftUI Tutorial - How to Develop a Todo App with Core Data

Todo App

Let’s build together this outstanding Todo app with SwiftUI! You will learn how to save data permanently to the local database on your device with Core Data. Extra features: Alternate App Icons, App Color Themes. 

Mac App SwiftUI Tutorial

SwiftUI Game

Let’s build together an outstanding iPhone game, an iPad game and even a Mac application with SwiftUI framework and custom-tailored graphics and sound effects.

SwiftUI Cards App Tutorial

Cards App

Your first project will be an awesome cards app created with SwiftUI. You will learn many useful iOS 13 app development features with this hands-on video tutorial.

Let's build a Honeymoon iOS 13 app

Honeymoon App

In the next tutorial, we’re going to develop an awesome iOS/iPadOS app with SwiftUI gestures in Xcode. This could be a great portfolio app that you can show up with confidence in your job interview.

Let's build an Avocado Recipe app with SwiftUI

Recipes App

Let's build an Avocado Recipe iPhone and iPad app with SwiftUI. You will learn further useful design and layout techniques in this iOS 13 development video tutorial.

Stephen DeStefano iOS Developer

As a fellow instructor here on Udemy, who myself am always looking to learn new ways to work with Swift and SwiftUI, I can say this is an amazing course on SwiftUI, Robert truly is a master at design and function. His attention to detail and best coding practices are far and above any other course I have seen. His explanations will make coding along super easy for you. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has some Swift background and is looking to get in to SwiftUI development.

Stephen DeStefano
iOS and macOS Developer
January 16, 2020

Course Reviews

John G. Krywko

Aldrin Tingson

I can say that this is one of the best courses for SwiftUI and Robert is one of the smart developers and teachers out there. The instructions are clear and the apps are beautiful. The only that I would request is to finish the apps that were described in the course description on time ( I know that might be challenging) as till now the todo app is not complete and the full app file is missing. thanks again for making this experience fruitful!

June 5, 2020

Kevin Wu

Douglas Forbes-Scott

Very pleased with first impression: Valuable information, Clear explanations, Engaging delivery, Helpful practice activities, Knowledgeable instructor, Accurate course desctiption.

June 2, 2020

Gerald Brigen


I'm new to iOS developments and I am fully satisfied with the course because it's well managed. And also the instructor explains the codings step by step. :) Thank you!

June 1, 2020

John G. Krywko

Nachiket Desai

Very good information. Cant wait for the future modules!

May 25, 2020

Kevin Wu

Nicole Parziale

So far I like it I'm still on the first section. I hope that as I move on they will explain things more than just walk through them. I want to understand the principles and ideas so I can appropriately apply them to my own projects and make good decisions.

May 25, 2020

Gerald Brigen

Luesse L

One of the best courses on iOS Development ever! I've learnt so, SO much. Robert is a brilliant teacher, very clear and concise. Really happy I found this course! :)

May 21, 2020

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