How to design and build a full iOS 13 app with SwiftUI in Xcode

SwiftUI Card App

What will you learn?

This SwiftUI tutorial is designed for you to master SwiftUI and iOS 13 app development. So, what kind of app we’re going to build? In this section you will learn the following things:

How to set up a new iOS 13 project
How to create a launch screen
How to add icons for the app
How to create a card layout with SwiftUI
How to load different information from a data file
How to play sounds
How to animate user interface elements with SwiftUI
How to create a haptic feedback feature
How to show alerts with SwiftUI
Finally, how to create stickers without writing any code

What will you create?

Learn SwiftUI and Become a Pro Developer

From totally beginner to advanced iOS app developer with this complete iOS 13 swiftUI development course (2020 Edition).

SwiftUI Course