How to design and build a full iOS 13 app with SwiftUI in Xcode
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Learn 3D illustration, character design and animation with Blender 3D

This Blender 3D course will teach you how to create modern 3D illustrations for websites, online advertisements, and social media posts. Not only that, you will learn how to create slick 3D characters and animating them as well. Every section of this Blender 3D course is project-based, so you will get the most of them creating highly demanded 3D designs and build up your professional portfolio.

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Learn Apple’s native user interface framework SwiftUI 2

Learn how to develop and design apps. Complete courses about iOS 11 development with SwiftUI framework for total beginners to advanced developers. Learn how to build many iOS, iPadOS and even macOS apps from scratch. This 21+ hours course for developers and designers teaching custom app layouts, interactive animations, user interface components, loading external API data, and so on with SwiftUI framework.


  • 3D Character Design

  • 3D Illustration

  • 3D Animation

  • 3D Object modeling

  • Blender 3D user interface

  • 3D Post Production

  • 3D Visual effects

  • Creating 3D game assets


  • Complete SwiftUI 2 Course

  • iOS 14 Development

  • macOS App Development

  • Core Data Tutorials

  • App User Interface Design

  • Swift 5.3 Programming Language

  • SwiftUI 2 Framework Fundamentals

  • Get familiar with Xcode 12

SwiftUI Course
Blender 3D Course