Learn how to build an iOS 14 and macOS desktop app with SwiftUI framework


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Build up your iOS development portfolio with real applications.

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We update and improve the SwiftUI course weekly basis.

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All the SwiftUI project source code are available for you.

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SwiftUI Tutorials

Learn how to develop grid layout and fetch JSON data


Let’s develop an iOS 14 app with JSON data. We are going to focus on learning about new SwiftUI 2 features such as Grid Layout, Video Player, Map integration, and fetching JSON data with Swift.

How to create an Onboarding app with SwiftUI

SwiftUI 2 App

In this tutorial, you will get familiar with the latest SwiftUI 2 features. Using these improvements we're going to develop an outstanding iOS 14 Onboarding app in Xcode 12 using Swift programming language.

SwiftUI Tutorial - How to Develop a Todo App with Core Data

Todo App

Let’s build together this outstanding Todo app with SwiftUI! You will learn how to save data permanently to the local database on your device with Core Data. Extra features: Alternate App Icons, App Color Themes. 

Mac App SwiftUI Tutorial

SwiftUI Game

Let’s build together an outstanding iPhone game, an iPad game and even a Mac application with SwiftUI framework and custom-tailored graphics and sound effects.

SwiftUI Cards App Tutorial

Cards App

Your first project will be an awesome cards app created with SwiftUI. You will learn many useful iOS app development features with this hands-on video tutorial. Topics are covered: Haptics, Sounds, etc.

Let's build a Honeymoon iOS 13 app

Honeymoon App

In the next tutorial, we’re going to develop an awesome iOS/iPadOS app with SwiftUI gestures in Xcode. This could be a great portfolio app that you can show up with confidence in your job interview.

Let's build an Avocado Recipe app with SwiftUI

Recipes App

Let's build an Avocado Recipe iPhone and iPad app with SwiftUI framework. You will learn further useful design and complex layout techniques in this iOS and iPadOS development video tutorial for beginners.

New SwiftUI Tutorials are coming soon

Next App

Each month there will be a new project published to this course. Even more awesome SwiftUI projects are coming soon. We’re going to build another app with the upcoming hands-on development tutorial.

New SwiftUI Tutorials are coming soon

Next App

Each month there will be a new project published to this course. Even more awesome SwiftUI projects are coming soon. We’re going to build another app with the upcoming hands-on development tutorial.

More Lectures

In every month we will add a new project and learning materials to the course until December 31, 2020 and beyond in 2021.


SwiftUI Students from all around the world

SwiftUI 2.0 Course

The complete iOS 14 and SwiftUI Masterclass course from total beginner to advanced iOS and macOS app developer

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This SwiftUI course is unlike any other outdated video tutorials.
Let's build outstanding iOS, iPadOS, watchOS and even macOS apps with SwiftUI!

Hands-on SwiftUI tutorial

SwiftUI 2 Masterclass

Complete App Development Course

Visually learn SwiftUI and build top-notch iOS 14 apps, iPadOS apps, Apple Watch apps and even macOS apps! Introducing the complete SwiftUI Masterclass Course that will become your quickstart reference guide in the iOS development.

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iOS 13 development example app

What’s in it for you?

Learn by Building Apps with SwiftUI 2

This up-to-date SwiftUI course contains step by step instructions to teach you how to build several fully-fledged native iOS, iPadOS, macOS and even watchOS applications programming in Xcode 12.

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What will you learn?

As a student on this masterclass, you're going to create dozens of eye-catchy apps with the latest and greatest technologies that Apple has recently released such as:

1. The SwiftUI which is a totally new declarative user interface design framework
2. The Combine framework which helps developers work with events
3. The Mac Catalyst which is designed to allow developers to Bring their iPad apps to Mac.

In case, if you're someone who wants to get a job as an iOS or macOS developer then this masterclass is perfect for building up your professional portfolio to show off at your next interview. They will be interested in your work after all.

On the other hand, if you're somebody who wants to build your very own apps for your startup business then in addition to all of the coding tutorials I've also included full exercises on user interface design and app animation too.

You should know that this course assumes absolutely no prior programming experience. So if you're a complete beginner then I'll be there for you and guide you in this program.

Finally, if you're an experienced developer, on the other hand, I'm sure that you are going to find plenty of advanced Swift 5 programming best practices as well.

That being said, by the end of the course you'll know how to develop, design and publish your next app into the Apple App Store.

So what are you waiting for?

Join in this SwiftUI Masterclass course now and start building native apps in Xcode 12!

Stephen DeStefano iOS Developer

As a fellow instructor here on Udemy, who myself am always looking to learn new ways to work with Swift and SwiftUI, I can say this is an amazing course on SwiftUI, Robert truly is a master at design and function. His attention to detail and best coding practices are far and above any other course I have seen. His explanations will make coding along super easy for you. I highly recommend this course for anyone who has some Swift background and is looking to get in to SwiftUI development.

Stephen DeStefano
iOS and macOS Developer
January 16, 2020

Course Reviews

John G. Krywko

Iain Munro

This is such a great source of information. For the guy that said he didn't want to buy half a course, he knew what he was buying ahed of time. To me, it is an investment, there are more projects to come. I think this is a great way to do it, as you cannot learn everything on the same day. Looking forward to the future courses.

July 4, 2020

Kevin Wu

A2M Me

There are a lot of courses for SwiftUI out there, but by the time you finish to learn the basics you will still not be ready to make your own app. This course, I feel, is different. Robert takes you along and explains the most important subjects that you need to build your own apps from start to finish. Besides the programming aspect he is also very aware of the design aspect, knows the importance of sound and has a great eye for details. I will be using a lot of components that were explained in his course. I would say, keep those courses coming, Robert, and thank you for your help!

June 24, 2020

Gerald Brigen

Paul Farnam

Robert does an amazing job of condensing loads of SwiftUI concepts in incremental and totally fun lessons. What's better, I'm gaining confidence in my skills and I look forward to taking all of Robert's classes. I'm hooked on SwiftUI! Great job!

June 23, 2020

John G. Krywko

Miguel Planckensteiner

Excellent course, as a beginner in iOS development I found this course really useful to learn about SwiftUI. The content is great, thanks Robert! Keep doing it!

June 20, 2020

Kevin Wu

Jan Podmolik

Absolutely great course, as a beginning programmer I fell in love with SwiftUI thanks to Robert. Learn By Doing - works here like a charm. :) Thank you Robert! I look forward to the next course.

June 19, 2020

Gerald Brigen

Stefan Moeller

I love the detailed way everything is prepared and designed. It helped me a lot to step into SwiftUI. Great. I'm looking forward to see more from Robert Petras.

June 19, 2020

John G. Krywko

Faycel Ayech

I liked this class. Very Nice Graphic & Slot Machine App. (I hope building my First iOS App, and download in App Store. Thanks. I'll follow your instructions. This class is designed for Create beautiful, dynamic apps faster than ever before. Development with the Swift programming language in xcode. Keep up the good work and wish you all the best in 2020.

June 21, 2020

Kevin Wu

Andrew Susanto

Hi Robert, thanks for an excellent class, what a good job right there! As a first timer and have no experience at coding at all finally i finish my first project of avocado app approx. 10 hours. Glad to find your course, which are so detail and easy to digest. Keep making great course, and see you in next course. Keep up the good work & God Bless You!

June 14, 2020

Gerald Brigen

Sebastian Korybski

Hi Robert, your course is amazing. Finally, I easily understand what iOS programming is all about. Your graphic designs are great and that's what I was looking for. I'm a graphic designer myself and I'm starting to learn how to prototype applications in Adobe XD. It's nice that you don't complicate what can be very easy during the course. Coding has always frightened me because I'm more of a humanist :) Other courses that I purchased, I finished after a few lessons. I will finish your course in 100%.

June 11, 2020

Let’s Build SwiftUI Apps

Robert Petras

The difference between a good and a great SwiftUI app often comes from the little details.
In this iOS 14 SwiftUI 2 Course, you will learn to create outstanding apps!

Robert Petras

SwiftUI Course